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Aki Niimura

Hello everyone,

I started to use pickle to store the latest user settings for the tool
I wrote. It writes out a pickled text file when it terminates and it
restores the settings when it starts.

It worked very nicely.

However, I got a ValueError when I started the tool from Unix when I
previously used the tool from Windows.

File "/usr/local/lib/python2.3/pickle.py", line 980, in load_string
raise ValueError, "insecure string pickle"
ValueError: insecure string pickle

If I do 'dos2unix <my.cfg> <my.cfg>' to convert the file, then
becomes fine.

I found in the Python release note saying ...
"pickle: Now raises ValueError when an invalid pickle that contains a
non-string repr where a string repr was expected. This behavior matches

I guess DOS text format is creating this problem.
My question is "Is there any elegant way to deal with this?".

I certainly can catch ValueError and run 'dos2unix' explicitly.
But I don't like such crude solution.
Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Best regards,
Aki Niimura

Jul 18 '05

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Cameron Laird

In article <ma************ *************** ***********@pyt hon.org>,
Tim Peters <ti********@gma il.com> wrote:

Jul 18 '05 #11

Skip Montanaro

Tim> "Plays well with others" was a strong motivator for Python's
Tim> design, and that often means playing by others' rules. --

My vote for QOTW... Is it too late to slip it into the Zen of Python?


Jul 18 '05 #12

Nick Coghlan

Skip Montanaro wrote:

Tim> "Plays well with others" was a strong motivator for Python's
Tim> design, and that often means playing by others' rules. --

My vote for QOTW... Is it too late to slip it into the Zen of Python?

It would certainly fit, and the existing koans don't really cover the concept.

Its addition also seems fitting in light of the current PEP 246 discussion which
is *all* about playing well with others :)


Nick Coghlan | nc******@email. com | Brisbane, Australia

Jul 18 '05 #13

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Pickled text file causing ValueError (dos/unix issue) | Bytes (2024)
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