Guide for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (2024)


First Visit

Welcome to the windswept planet of Zeffo, located in the Outer Rim.

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As a note here, Zeffo is the largest map in the game, so don't be disheartened when your first visit doesn't lead to a high exploration percentage. You'll be here again alter too.

From the gangway of the Mantis, you'll see a structure with a few boxes in it.

Run up to this building and you'll find the first Zeffo Chest (#1/43) inside.

From this chest, do a 180 and run forwards until you see an opening to a derelict hanger on the left.

Go into the hanger and head to the back and on your left, you'll find another Chest (#2/43).

Head back out to the landing pad and go left again, along a dirt path. Follow the path and wander across a pipe to see two rat-like animals fighting over the body of a stormtrooper. Kill both of these animals and scan their bodies to find they are called Scazz. You can also scan the body of the stormtrooper here (Zeffo Enemy Type #1/6 - Scazz & Imperial Enemy Type #1/17 - Stormtrooper).

Continue along the only path you can take, clambering up the rock ledges, until you get ambushed by another pack of Scazz. Take them out, but before heading onwards, look to your right to see a path to the right of the waterfall.

Follow this path (remember if it gets too dark, press and hold Guide for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (6) to use your lightsaber as a light source) and you'll soon come across your first Force Echo (Echo #9 - The Zeffo Villagers: 4. Hiding).

Keep following the path around, over another pipe and jump over a few gaps. At the end of the path, you'll find another stim canister (Secret #1/14)

Head back out the way you came in (you can jump right from the stim canister rather than directly following the path) until you're in the area where you fought the group of Scazz. Hop over onto the path just to the left of the waterfall and wander around. Wallrun over the gap and follow the obvious path down the stairs. At the bottom of these stairs, you'll find a locked door on your left. Unlock it for another shortcut (this leads straight back to the Mantis).

Turn around and you'll see a Scazz emerge from the ground and run ahead of you. Walk forward and you'll see the Scazz get taken down by a group of four stormtroopers. Take these troopers out but stop before proceeding. Instead of running up the path where the stormtroopers were, turn around and you'll see a little path along the edge of the building (towards the Spaceport area)

At the end of the path, you'll see a small yellow platform above you that you can jump up to, then jump again to reach another ledge, where you will find your next Chest (#3/43)

Hop down, then follow the path that the stormtroopers were guarding. Ahead, you'll see a spinning wheel that you have to slow with the Force to cross, after which you'll encounter your first Scout troopers. There are two wandering about and depending on where you take them down, you might be ambushed by a third. These guys can block your lightsaber attacks with their Electro Riot Batons for a short period and stun you if they hit you with them. The best way to deal with them is to parry their attacks and follow up with your own or slow them using the Force then kill them. After taking them down, be sure to scan the body of one of them (Imperial Enemy Type #2/17 - Scout Trooper).

Before following the path around to the right, look to the left of the area for another small path with an Echo at the end.

Run towards it and you'll be ambushed by a Scazz. Kill it then collect the next Force Echo (Echo #10 - The Zeffo Villagers: 3. Separated).

Head back out of this area and to the left. You'll be attacked by a couple more Storm and Scout troopers, take them out, then follow the curve of the path around to the right, where another trooper will shoot at you from the high ground. Deflect the shot back at him, then run up the ramp in front of you. At the top will be two more Scout troopers, however, one will have an orange pauldron (shoulder pad) which signifies that he is a commander. Commanders are stronger and have more stamina than their less powerful allies, but aren't that much harder to deal with. Once you take them both out, be sure to scan the body of the commander (Imperial Enemy Type #3/17 - Scout Trooper Commander).

After dealing with them, look to your left.

At the end of the small path, you'll find another Force Echo (Echo #11 - The Zeffo Villagers: 1. Eviction). Return to the area where you killed the commander, then to the high ground on your right, where you earlier killed a trooper that was firing at you. From here, jump over to the next set of rooftops. You'll see two Stormtroopers in the distance who will start firing on you as you get close enough. Deflect their shots and kill them. Before progressing, look at the rooftop in front of you and you should see another Chest (#4/43).

After collecting this chest, look to your right and you'll spot a yellow door. This door will open as you approach it, so head inside. Head down the stairs and you'll find a meditation circle at the bottom.

At this meditation circle, I had at least 2 unused skill points. Use these points to unlock "Force Attunement", then unlock "Empowered Slow". Once you have this, you'll want to start using it on enemies as you see them, as you'll need to kill 25 enemies that are under the effect of this power. If you don't have the points available yet, don't worry. When you do, the easiest way to unlock this is to Empower Slow a low-level enemy, run around behind them and one-hit-kill them from behind. Leave the meditation circle and head back to the rooftops. Assuming you rested, all the enemy troopers you killed earlier will have respawned, so take out those on the rooftops with a well-timed deflection.

Go to your left and walk across the pipe that connects the platforms. Be careful as you do so, as enemy stormtroopers will fire at you. You can traverse the pipe while deflecting shots. Follow the path while leaping and climbing up buildings until you come to two Stormtroopers at the end of a small beam. Deflect their shots back at them, then turn to your left, where you'll see your next Chest (#5/43).

From here, head over the pipe to where those two Stormtroopers were, then leap over and strike down towards the single Scout Trooper that is entirely unaware of you. A second trooper will run towards you from around the corner, ready for you to kill. You can run along the path that he came from ut there is currently nothing along here that you can access. Instead, leap across the gap and run up the hill to the next meditation circle. If you rested, when you leave this circle the Storm Troopers you killed earlier will have respawned and may shoot at you if you get too close, so be careful.

Head down the cave and into the Turbine Facility. At the bottom, you'll see the path splits. First, take the path to the right. Remember, if BD's light isn't enough, you can pull out your lightsaber to illuminate a bit more. Jump over the gap and then wall run to the other side. Balance on the pipe that's ahead of you and on the other side, you'll find a box that BD-1 can scan for a message from Cordova (Cordova's Journey #1/12: Archive One - The Sages).

As previously mentioned, every now and then, BD-1 is able to scan parts of the environment to give you some more info. These will all give you a small amount of XP, but 19 of these entry logs are special. They're encrypted logs directly from Cordova, that are stored in a section of your Databank called Cordova's Journey. You need to find all of these for an achievement. 7 of these will be given to you automatically by progressing the story, and I'll highlight the other 12 as we go.

There's a door further along this path but it's currently blocked from the other side.

Head back to the junction and head in the other direction. Leap over the gap and climb up the metal structure. Once you cross the pipe, look to your left for your next Chest (#6/43).

Leap back across the gap and follow the path down and around until you find a switch. Hit it to spread light over the area. Cross the gap and exit the Turbine Facility. You'll come across a scout trooper that will be attacked by two Scazz when you approach. Kill off all three enemies here then continue following the path. AT the top, you'll have a set of spinning turbine blades to deal with. When they're level enough for you to reach and cross them, use Force Slow to let you cross the blades.

When you land on the other side, you'll come across a new enemy creature called a Phillak. Don't kill it yet. Instead, you want to dance around it and wait for it to kick you. For this to happen, you'll need to wait for it to charge at you, the dodge around the back of it. When behind the Phillak, it should give you a kick with its back feet. The positioning may take a bit of work and it doesn't always kick you. Once you are kicked by it, you need to kick it back using Evasive Kick. It doesn't have to be straight after or within a time limit. As soon as you land a kick, you'll unlock;

  • Kicking Back

    Kicked a phillak that has kicked you

    Guide for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (18)

    4 guidesGuide for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (19)Guide for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (20)

Now you can kill the creature and scan it (Zeffo Enemy Type #2 - Phillak) before heading along the path. Up ahead, you'll come across a group of Imperial troopers, namely a few Scout Troopers and Stormtroopers and a Rocket Trooper. You can't deflect rockets, so have to dodge out the way of them, although their path is well telegraphed, so this should be easy. Take out all the troopers then jump to the platform with the Rocket Trooper. Once you kill him, you can scan him (Imperial Enemy Type #4/17 - Rocket Launcher Trooper). If he falls off the platform when he dies, before you can scan him, don't fret as there are more that you encounter.

From the trooper's platform, freeze the first set of turbine blades and traverse them. You'll land on a set of blades that aren't spinning, cross them too. At the second set of moving blades, cross to the middle platform, then freeze the second part upwards, so you can reach another meditation circle.

Meditate at the top and you'll also be able to make another scan. From here, rather than head down over the turbines, look to your right and climb up the mountain path next to you. There will be a door on your left that can't be opened and two more spinning turbines. This is a little trickier to cross, as you'll need to freeze one turbine, stand on it and freeze the other while there. With a bit of good timing, you can cross these and land safely on the other side.

Head into the structure and you'll come across the next Force Echo (Echo #12 - Imperial Excavation #3: Pressured For Relics).

You'll also be given some Life Essence from collecting this one (Secret #2/14). Climb up the ledge and out the locked door that you passed earlier, back down to the meditation circle you were previously at. Leap down onto the turbine and cross to the other side. As you run around the corner, you'll see a group of 5-6 Stormtroopers. Kill them all here. One of these troopers has an orange pauldron (a piece of shoulder armour). Once the others are dead, scan the body that has this pauldron (Imperial Enemy Type #5/17 - Stormtrooper Commander).

Go to the door on your right to open a shortcut to the Turbine Facility (where you saw the message from Cordova earlier) then follow the path to the icy slope. Slide down it and deflect the blaster bolts that are fired at you on the way down. Swing over the gap then wall run and defeat the two Scazz to reach the Weathered Monument area. Run forwards to be attacked by a few more Stormtroopers and Scout Troopers. Defeat them then head up the slope. Use Slow on the turbine blades to your right to grab the next Force Echo (Echo #13 - The Zeffo Villagers: #5 Dead Villager). You will be attacked by a Scazz while in here so watch out.

Exit this alcove then run to the cave on your right. Travel through the cave and out the other side and look directly to your left for another Force Echo (Echo #14 - The Zeffo Villagers: Evidence of a Fight).

Travel back through the cave and go to the right, towards the wall running area. Before you get here, you can scan the cracked stone door on your right with BD-1 (you'll be able to get through this door later, so this marks it on the map for you). Then wall run over to the next Meditation Circle. At this point, I had two more skill points that I could use. Assuming you already have Evasive Kick and Empowered Slow, I used one point on Sprint Strike, which helps you cover ground a little quicker.

Leave the circle and walk to the left to encounter a new enemy type, this one armed with a heavy blaster. He'll start up the weapon as he sees you. Sprint towards him while deflecting his bolts and use your new Sprint Stikre to close the final bit of distance and kill him. You may need to dodge to his side to get past the small shield on the front of the gun. Once he dies, scan his body (Imperial Enemy Type #6/17 - Heavy Assault Trooper).

Continue along the path. Remember if you rested at the Meditation Circle, the troopers you killed earlier will have respawned below you. If they see you, they'll attack. Follow the path and cross the beams where you'll be attacked by another Heavy Assault Trooper. Deflect while crossing then jump to the next beam when the bolts stop coming. Repeat this then kill the Heavy Assault Trooper. When you emerge into the next area, first go into the small area to the left, where you'll find a chest you can't open yet as well as your second Terrarium Seed (#2 - Royal Fluzz).

Run up the slope next to you and climb the rope. At the top, instead of crossing the beams, first look to the right to see a gap in the rocks. Run down the path a bit, the non the right you'll spot a raised platform with a Chest (#7/43).

Return to the beams and traverse them. Run up around the corner, swing over with the rope then slide down the ice slope to reach the bottom. When at the bottom, run up to the machine a little ahead of you and cut the rope to create a shortcut to the meditation circle you last used. You're welcome to hop down and use the circle if you need. Carry on up the slope towards the Rocket Trooper at the top. Be careful on the way up as you'll be ambushed by two Scazz, as well as being targeted by rockets. Take out the Scazz then the Rocket Trooper (if you missed the scan earlier, this is another chance for the trooper).

Head into the facility, in the first room you can interact with the central console if you wish, then carry on out the other side. As you exit, you'll be attacked by two Scout Troopers. Take them out and look to the left of this platform to see the next Chest (#8/43).

Slide down the slope, leap onto the rope and swing over to the platform. You'll then have to cross the crushing pistons using Force Slow and some good timing. Climb onto the first the second platform. Run to the right, along the piston and into the cave that's dug into the cliff face. Slowly make your way forwards and you'll see the pistons come crashing into the cave. Once the first one pulls outwards, use slow on it and follow it up the tunnel. You may have to use Slow a couple of times in order to get to the right spot, but you'll eventually find a little tunnel to the left with your next Chest (#9/43).

Head back out of the tunnel, without being crushed, then follow the path to the left. Keep along the path, slowing and passing the second piston, then when you reach the third, slow it on the way out. While it's slowed, you can wallrun on the right then climb onto the top of the piston, and run to the safe platform ahead of you before the piston returns to normal speeds. Follow the path around to reach the next Meditation Circle.

Before heading on, slice the poles at the edge of the cliff with your lightsaber. Slow the piston just below you, and leap onto it. Slow the next piston along and then onto the third piston. From here, leap onto the little platform in order to grab the next Force Echo (Echo #14 - Project Auger Officer: 2. A New Officer) which also gives you more life essence (Secret #3/14).5

Slow the piston below you, leap onto it and run along it to reach the cave you travelled through earlier.

Follow the path back along to the meditation circle then swing over the two ropes ahead and kill the handful of Scout and Stormtroopers ahead of you. After wiping them out, you'll see the next Chest (#10/43) on the platform on your left.

If you've followed this walkthrough and haven't used any DLC items to get this earlier, you can now get another achievement. Go into the pause menu and choose Customisation. Select a new poncho for Cal, a new skin for BD-1 and a new paintjob for the Mantis. With all three of these set, you'll unlock

  • The Full Glow-Up

    Customized the look of Cal, BD-1, and the Mantis

    Guide for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (31)

    3 guidesGuide for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (32)Guide for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (33)

If you have any premium content unlocked, you may well have already unlocked this.

Use the rope ahead to slide down the ice path. You'll have a few jumps to make while sliding here. Once you reach the bottom, climb the ledge and wall run over the gap. Climb up the slope but before you continue, turn around and wall run back the way you came on the higher wall. Foollow the path and you'll see your next Force Echo (Echo #16 - Project Auger Officer: 3. Questionable Use).

Run back the way you came, double wall run, run up the slope and you'll be ambushed by 3 Scazz at the top. Deal with them and head to the beam of light ahead of you. You may be able to see a chest in the area above this light but you can't yet reach it. Instead, head up the path to the right. Jump to the glowing red door and give it a scan. Turn 180 and leap across the next platforms and leave the cave via the stairs. As you leave, you'll reach another meditation circle.

From here, you'll see a few Phillaks in the area below you. There are 4 ahead of you (one of which is on a tall platform) and one on a platform on the right. Hop down and kill the Phillaks. Once they are dead, go to the ground level and look for a partially collapsed column with a cave underneath it. Inside this cave, you'll see another Chest (#11/43).

Travel back up the stairs to the tall pillar where one of the Phillaks was stood. When you're up there, you'll see a red flower on the floor which BD-1 will want to scan. Do so for another Terrarium Seed (#3 - Gillypod).

Hop off the platform and head to the left of the area (if your back is to the meditation circle). You'll spot a small cave area that you can go through, do so, then follow it through a couple of tight gaps until you reach a central chamber with a lot of flying debris. Use Slow to allow yourself to pass through the debris field and reach the large golden ball. There will be a button on the floor with glowing white marks that BD-1 will stand adjacent to. Stand on this to activate the platform and enter the Tomb of Eilram.

Tomb of Eilram

When the lift reaches the bottom, two grates will open one leading down the slope and one leading up a set of stairs. Head up the set of stairs. At the top of these stairs, on your right, you'll spot a large cactus-like plant. Don't get too close to this as it'll puff out and damage you. Instead, go through the narrow space just to the left of it. As you emerge on the other side, BD-1 will automatically scan the next cactus-like plant you see (Zeffo Enemy Type #3/6 - Skungus).

Run past these Skungus and leap over the next few platforms, then wallrun onto an ice slide. As you slide down, you'll have to dodge a couple more Skungus, then jump down and kill the Scazz at the bottom. In the back corners of this toom are switches that open air vents. With your back to the slope you just came down, go to the back right switch, which causes the ball to shoot forwards and smash into a wall in the far left corner, opening up a passageway. Turn off this vent and head into the newly opened area to find your next Force Echo (Echo #17 - Zeffo Culture: 5. Whispers)

Turn around and interact with the switch just to the right, behind where the ball is. This sends it flying back across the room and breaks another wall. Use the vent that appears in this wall, which will blow the ball into a stalemate in the middle of the room. Use the middle switch to push the ball into the hole in the middle of the room. Make sure the ball is relatively steady in the middle, otherwise it can miss the hole in the floor and you'll have to reorient it.

Head down into the new gap that has been created to find another Force Echo (Echo #18 - Zeffo Culture: 1. Meditation Relics) which also gives you a life essence (Secret #4/14).

Climb back out and leave this chamber via the only exit. Kill the Scazz that ambush you in the next room, then climb the ledge in this room up to the path. Follow it, cutting down the stalagmites in your way. When the path opens up to another chamber, climb the grating to the right to the ledge above and interact with the switch. Let the ball move a couple of times then hit the switch again to stop the wind. Quickly leap onto the grating on the side of the ball, whilst it is still swinging back and forth, to ride it across to the opposite ledge. Wall run across to the next Meditation Circle.

From here, drop down to the level below and interact with the switch behind the ball in front of you. Two platforms will rise out of the floor, use them to reach a higher ledge on the left, then climb up the grating to reach another ledge. Slice through the stalagnates and slide down the path that is revealed until you have to jump to a rope at the end. DON'T swing to the next wall straight away, instead slow the rope so you're just hanging still and look to your left. In the distance, you'll see another couple of ropes. Swing across them (you'll need to swig back and forth a bit to get up enough momentum to make the jumps). On the platform at the end, you'll find your next Chest (#12/43).

Swing back across to the first rope and then wallrun the obvious path forward and travel up the slope. Slice the stalagnates up ahead, then head down to a gap with wind blowing across it. This wind will push you as you jump, so you'll want to start to the right of where you aim to land. Beware of the Skungus on the other side and kill the three Skazz that ambush you. Leap to the next platforms, making sure you aim correctly to allow for the wind.

Traverse the platforms and then wallrun to the next ledge. Go across the top of the arch, avoiding the Skungus there and head down the steps opposite to find a lone Skungus next to a damaged wall. Hit this one. You may take some damage, but you can stim straight back up again and it allows you to reach a Meditation Circle on the other side of the now-destroyed wall. After using it, head back out of this area and up the steps, turning right to cross the beams.

Interact with the switch to open the vent, which will destroy all the Skungus in your path. Run along the platform where the Skungus were and jump, using the wind to propel you to a new path. This path leads you into a room, with a new enemy waiting for you up ahead, a Tomb Guardian. As you approach, it will show off an attack before it bears down upon you. It has three main attacks, a lightning blast from its chest, a ground-pounding stomp and an uppercut. They can deal decent damage, but the machine itself is quite slow. You should be able to get in enough damage to kill it after only one or two of its own attacks (on easy difficulty anyways). After you've defeated it, scan the body (Zeffo Enemy Type #4/6 - Tomb Guardian).

Before you head on, you'll see a secret behind a wall, you can't easily reach this yet, so ignore it for now (you can try and manipulate the Tomb Guardian into attacking the wall, but it's much easier to wait and come back to it). Head up the steps then jump into the wind vent to reach the ledge in front of you. Follow the path around to another switch, interact with it then turn around and leap for the ledge across the gap. Slice the stalagmites then squeeze through the gap beyond them and head into the large chamber.

Continue to the end of the chamber and interact with the blue-veined stone door, then walk towards the moving monolith. You'll be hit by a few rocks that fly from it, then you'll be launched into a memory, teaching you how to use Force Push (Guide for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (40)).

Keep in mind that now you have learned Push, you'll be looking for opportunities to push enemies off the edge of the environment to their deaths, as we'll need 25 for an achievement.

Complete the memory and you'll be able to use Push to break the wall in front of you. However, before you do this, turn around and on your left will be a small passage that is obstructed by a block. Use Push to send the block flying and drop down into this new room. Follow the path around and push a second block out the way. You'll then have to push a third block and drop down into the chamber behind it.

You'll see a breakable wall on your right, but ignore that for now. First, push to block to the wall on your left (opposite the breakable wall). Hop up onto it then up the ledge and you'll see your next Force Echo (Echo #19 - Zeffo Culture: 4. Tomb Guardian) and a Chest (#13/43).

Jump down into the room again and blast the opposite wall with Push, Again, ignoring the new area to your right, head left and back through the gap and into the room where you first met the Tomb Guardian. Drop all the way down, then push the Skungus into the wall where the next Echo is. Go and collect it for both a Force Echo (Echo #20 - Zeffo Culture: 3. Offerings) and another Secret (#5/14).

Head back to where you learned Push, break down the wall and head into the new chamber. Run towards the left hand side to start a small cutscene essentially telling you to go to Kashyyyk. Once the cutscene ends, you'll be attacked by another Tomb Guardian at the end of the room. You now have a new trick to help you take them down. You can use Push to send the power ball in the middle of the chest flying out the back of them. This will stun them and they'll take a few seconds to recover. During this time, you can deal a tonne of damage.

Once the Guardian is defeated, use Push on the doors at the end to reach the Meditation Circle you were at earlier. Use it and you'll find you have access to more abilities that you can upgrade. I had 3 skill points available by the time I got here, so bought Mass Push, Enhanced Force Recovery and Improved Dash, but really this is now up to you.

From this Meditation Circle, break the wall behind you on the right with Push. Head through and immediately do a double wall run, letting the wind carry you to the grating in front of you (or taking you right to the top without climbing if you get the angle right). Climb up the next ledge, then leap to a rope and swing over to some grating high on the wall to the right. Climb the grating and you'll see your next Force Echo (Echo #21 - Sage Eilram: 2. Broken Artifacts).

Hop back down to the Meditation Circle, then run to the end of the room and take out the Guardian that's stood there (remember to use Push on its heart to make this much easier). Return to the gold ball beneath the Meditation Circle and use Push to launch it towards where the Guardian was. You're aiming it towards the receptacle on the left, although beware as the ball can go down the path behind the receptacle. No worries if it does, you can push it out, it might need a few well-angled hits though.

Once it does land in the receptacle, the wall behind the Guardian will open up. Head through the gap, follow the obvious path and climb the grating along then up the wall. Squeeze between the columns and push the golden ball over the ledge. Drop down behind it and push this second ball into the grooved ridge behind leading to behind where the first ball is resting in its receptacle (to the left of the first ball when facing it).

Push the ball around the gap until it gets launched by the wind onto an upper platform. Climb up the platform (the wind won't blow you across) and push the ball into the receptacle up here. You'll find a hanging windchime to scan here (Cordova's Journey #2/12: Archive 4: Sage Eilram) then carry on and push down the blue wall in front of you. Climb the grating to your immediate left (you'll recognise where you are now hopefully), ignore the wind tunnel in front of you and run around the path. Use Push to send the hanging ball into the breakable wall and it'll fall out of its holder.

Drop down and Push the ball through the lower part of the breakable wall into the main chamber. Now you need to push it into the same groove that you push the second ball into. Do this and when it reaches the wind, it'll start being sent around a small pathway automatically by the wind. Back out of the tunnel and next to the groove you'll see some grating. Climb up this then wait. The ball will periodically pass you. When you're ready, Push the ball into the receptacle when it flies past you and the platform will rise into the air.

Now before you continue, jump down next to the first ball. Push it out of the receptacle and you'll notice the pillar behind it lower. Push the ball back towards the receptacle and hop onto the platform that rises before the ball reaches its target. The platform will rise up and you'll spot a hidden Chest (#14/43).

Climb up the small ledge to your left and you'll see your next Force Echo (Echo #22 - Sage Eilram: 1. Sage Training) under a pot.

Slide down the path to the Meditation Circle, jump down and run to the left and climb the two sets of grating in front of you to reach the platform with the third ball. Climb up the stone platforms, push through the metal wall and you'll come across the ball you were next to when you started the tomb. Push it done the slope to the receptacle, then stand on the lit floor plate and you'll be taken back to the surface and exit the tomb. You'll also unlock;

  • The Obstacle is the Way

    Completed the Tomb of Eilram

    Guide for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (46)

    1 guideGuide for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (47)Guide for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (48)Guide for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (49)

Go to the Meditation Circle at the top and rest there. We'll now mop up as much of Zeffo as possible before leaving (although we will be back later for the story).

Run down the slope, take out the Scout Trooper beneath you and then hold still. The Rocket Trooper on your left will likely see you and take a shot. Rather than dodge it, as the rocket approaches you, use Push to send it straight back at the Trooper, killing him instantly. Take out the rest of the troopers here, pushing rockets back at Rocket Troopers from a distance, then return to the bottom of the slope, where the first Scout Trooper was.

From here, look to your left and you'll see two vents. The lower platform had Rocket Trooper on it. Use the vents nearby to launch up to that, then up again to the next platform to get to another Chest (#15/43)

Jump down and head towards the central Meditation Circle. There's an air vent just to the left of it. You'll see a breakable wall underneath the pillar with the Meditation Circle. Destroy it and inside you'll find another Force Echo (Echo #23 - Zeffo Culture: 2. Zeffo Rituals).

Turn around and use the vent to reach the Meditation Circle above you. If you rest here, the Scout and Rocket Troopers you just killed will respawn, so be careful. Now run down the ramp and jump off the pillars to the breakable wall. Ignore this for now, instead of jumping over the other two pillars and down the path until you see light and turn right to see another new vent. Use the wind to leap up and find another Chest (#16/43).

Jump back down and break down the wall you have just passed. Go through the door to enter the Ice Cave area.

Before doing anything else, look to your left and loop around behind the pillar to find a Force Echo (Echo #24 - Project Auger Officer: 4. Ice Cave Excavations)

Head to the top of the ice slide and prepare to start it. There are a few sections to this, so be prepared to leap over gaps, break an ice wall with Push, then perform a triple wall run and finally jump to a rope and swing safely to the next platform. Once you safely land, use the Meditation Circle in front of you. If you look to your left, you'll see a room with an open door. Don't enter this, as it's actually a lift/elevator back up to the area at the top of the ice slide you've just done. The lift is long and you just have to slide straight back down again afterwards anyways.

From here, look over the edge of the cavern and drop down onto a platform beneath you. You'll see a second platform further down adjacent to this one, with a Scazz and a chest. You can push these Scazz off the platform and to their deaths if you get the angle right, giving some achievement progress. Kill them and then grab the next Chest (#17/43)

Climb back up to the Meditation Circle and head up to your right. As you press forwards, you'll encounter a new enemy type that bursts through the wall. This hulking beast is a Jotaz. It's big but slow, so its attacks are quite easy to dodge around and you slash away at it. Just be careful as it has an unblockable ground pound attack and has quite a long reach. Hopefully it won't cause many issues and once you kill it, scan its corpse (Zeffo Enemy Type #5/6 - Jotaz)

To the right of where you fought the Jotaz you'll see a small rope attached to a machine, head over and cut it in order to create a shortcut. Now turn around and enter the cavern where the Jotaz burst from and you should see your next Echo. Climb to it and collect the Force Echo (Echo #25 - Project Auger Officer: 8. Officer Krane).

Head out of this cave and jump down the shortcut rope you just made. From here, leap to the platform on your left and kill the two Scazz present there. Use slow on the spilling blades ahead and cross them both, then wallrun over. As soon as you land you'll be attacked by a Heavy Assault Trooper and a Scout Trooper. Take them both out and you'll see an unopenable chest on the platform. Head into the yellow structure on the left, this is another lift/elevator, which will take you up to the next area. Ahead, you'll see a Meditation Circle and beyond that, your next Force Echo (Echo #26 - Imperial Excavation: 6. Cave-In)

Head back towards the lift and slide down the ice path to the left to reach the bottom. Upon doing so, you'll have to take out a Scout Trooper and a Rocket Trooper. If you look behind you, you'll also see a Phillak you can take out for XP. Jump into the lift behind where the Rocket Trooper was to reach another area. Use the Meditation Circle at the top, then open the door on your right for another shortcut.

Turn around and head down the ice slope. This is a little harder as you'll be faced with two large spinning gear wheels that you have to Slow and then jump through. Once you reach the bottom, remember that you'll have to kill the Rocket and Scout Troopers if you rested at the Meditation Circle. You can just push them into the Abyss.

Head past where the lift would dock and follow the path to a triple wall running section. Take out the Phillak when you land then continue along the path. You'll have to do another triple wall run (there's a burst of wind after the first wall that sends you flying upwards to the next walls). The run down a small section for another wind-assisted wall run that takes you to an area with a Scout Trooper and a new enemy. Take out the Scout Trooper first then focus on the new black-suited trooper. He blocks most of your attacks, so you need to rely on your Force powers (although make sure you don't use Push to send him flying off the edge) as well as parrying his shots and striking straight afterwards. Once you've defeated him, scan his corpse (Imperial Enemy Type #7/17 - Electrobaton Purge Trooper).

With these guys dead, you'll find two Chests (#18 & #19/43) and a Force Echo (Echo #27 - Project Auger Officer: 5. Finding Artifacts).

Open the door in front of you for another shortcut and then use the Meditation Circle in front of you. This is as much as you can get in the Ice Caves, for now, so use the lift to your left to leave the area. At the top, leave the area and head towards the windy area over the two columns. Follow the column path and go to the left toward the large breakable stone wall. Use the wind to get you up there and smash your way through.

In here, you'll be attacked by another new enemy type. Deflect the bolts back at the droid and then scan its wreckage (Imperial Enemy Type #8/17 - Probe Droid). If it falls down the gap where the wind originates from, don't worry. You'll encounter another one in the future (or you can run back to the meditation point and spawn another one).

Use the wind to launch you upwards the slide down to a familiar area. Use the shortcut rope to drop to the Meditation Circle below, then turn left and wall run towards a stone door, clearing out the troopers as you go. Use Push to break through the door and drop down. Follow the path and BD-1 will hop off your back and run ahead. Follow him to some grating, climb up and interact with the Workbench to acquire the Scomp Link upgrade for BD-1 (allowing you to get into the previously unavailable chests). Once the cutscene finishes, you'll be able to customise your lightsaber at this workbench. Make sure you change each segment to something else (even if you don't like it). Once you have fully customised every part of your lightsaber, you'll unlock;

  • Sabersmith

    Fully customized your lightsaber

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Now set your lightsaber to whatever you want, then head up the stairs and use BD-1's new Scomp Link to slice the controls and create a bridge for you. Follow the path up and take out the two Stormtroopers at the top before slicing a wall run. Run up to the pulverising piece of machinery. You'll need to use Slow on it when the middle of it opens, but rather than cross it straight, instead, jump off to the left to find your next Chest (#20/43)

Jump up to the next level, kill the Scout Trooper and slice the door. Use BD-1 to slide down the zip line. Turn left when you land, run along the poles and take out the Heavy Trooper at the end. Right next to where you collected a seed earlier, there is a sliceable Chest (#21/43)

Turn around from where you are, go back along the poles to where you landed from the zip line and then run back to the Meditation Circle, taking out the Heavy Assault Trooper on the way. Drop down into the area beneath the wall run on your right, then slice open the door in front of you for Chest (#22/43)

Head back up to the Meditation Circle once more. Hop off the bridge where you fight the Heavy Assault Trooper down to a lower platform and take out the two Scazz here. Then, use the vent to reach the wall run, then the next vent to reach a higher wall run. Follow the and complete the next double wall run into a cave tunnel. Before following the path, turn around and you'll see a platform behind you. Climb up to this for another Force Echo (Echo #28 - The Zeffo Villagers: 7. Hideout)

Follow the obvious path out then leap over the rock formations to the left in order to reach a vent that will send you flying towards some enemies. Try to push as many of them as you can to their deaths. Once they are dealt with, head through the doors in front of you (you should have opened this shortcut earlier). Head through the cavern, cross the pole and wall run until you reach a junction and then head left towards the Abandonded Village, where you can save at a Meditation Circle (that you have previously visited).

Head down the path and jump over to the two Scout Troopers. Try to take them out by using Push and sending them flying off the cliffs. You'll want to do this whenever possible (or you can push these two off, run back to the Meditation Circle and rest in order to make them respawn, then push them off and repeat). If you decide to do this, push these two troopers off the edge until you have killed them 25 times. This will unlock;

  • Look Out Below

    Sent 25 enemies over the edge

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If you don't get this now, it shouldn't take you too long to do this as long as you're actively looking for points to push someone to their doom. After killing these two as many times as you desire, follow the path to the left in order to find your next Chest (#23/43).

Head back down the way you came then leap off the end of the platform and climb up the vines and kill the two Stormtroopers at the top. Try to kill all the Stormtroopers you meet here with deflections, as it was around here that I unlocked;

  • Back At You

    Defeated 50 enemies with reflected blaster bolts

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Run along the descending roofs, taking out the troopers along the path, then cross the pipe that connects the lowest roof with another. For completeness, you can jump off the building in front of you, take out the Stormtrooper, Scout Trooper and Scout Trooper Commander, and then use Push on the Bridge to make a shorter route if you decide to come back this way. This is entirely unnecessary though.

Go through the set of blast doors on top of the building and be sure to save at the Meditation Circle, as you have a boss fight coming. As you open the doorway at the end, you'll enter the Derelict Hanger and receive a message from Cere to say they're under attack by an AT-ST. Run towards the Mantis to see your foe.

It'll focus on you as soon as you get in range. You can do damage to it in a number of ways. If you get in close, you can slash at the AT-ST's feet, but be sure to dodge out of the way when it drops grenades beneath it. You can also deflect all of its blaster bots, as well as being able to use Push to send its rockets and grenade barrage back at it. These are both well-telegraphed attacks, with the laser on either side of its head targeting you before the attack is made. Dodge, deflect or Push the projectiles back at the AT-ST, slash at its legs, and you'll have killed it in no time at all. Once it falls, its pilot will crawl out of the hatch on the top. Kill him too.

Once you kill it, it'll be scanned automatically (Imperial Enemy Type #9/17 - AT-ST) then head into the Mantis. You'll be thrown into a cutscene with Cere and learn about some of her history. Before going to the next Planet, approach the terrarium and plant the seeds you have found on Zeffo. Once that is done, you can customise anything you'd like, then head off to Kashyyyk.

At the end of Zeffo, I had #23/43 chests and 5/14 secrets, which was 45% explored.

5. Kashyyyk (First Visit)3. Bracca and Bogano (First visit)

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Guide for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (2024)
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