The full effect of aviation greats like the fighters of World War II can only be appreciated when they are seen flying - filling the senses with a cacophony of roaring engines, flashing colors, and sweeping arcs of flight. You can actually be inside one of these, and go up to 200 mph.

Single passenger AT-6 experience
$600 for 1 hour. $400 for 40 min.

This widely used trainer has many names ("SNJ", "Texan", "Harvard", ...) and you see them often still flying-especially at airshows. T-6 racing is its own category at the the Reno Air Races, and many a fighter pilot of WWII learned tactics in this aircraft. Flights normally depart out of Centennial airport.


Single passenger Spitfire experience
Price TBA (shared expenses in the $2,000 range)

Perhaps the most famous fighter aircraft of World War II, the Vickers Supermarine "Spitfire" was a key player in the air war of the Battle of Britain. This example is one of only five modified to have two cockpits, and of two active in North America. Due to limited cockpit load, passengers may not exceed190 lb. Flights are normally 40 min. departing out of Aspen, but may be elsewhere enroute to airshows. Please telephone or email us for further arrangements.

Options: These are dual control ships, so time on the controls is available under supervision. Air show and combat maneuvers may be demonstrated if desired, such as the roll or split S.

Scheduling: Flights are available all year, and can be scheduled throughout the day. Reservations required. Flights may be coordinated with air show appearances and associated ferrying.

Preparation: Dress casually and comfortably. Expect to wear a parachute and Oxygen mask, hence no smoking. Cameras should be of the small variety that can be safely stowed in a pocket.


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